Help local students get access to technology while you get access to four years of Malwarebytes Premium. Purchase up to five devices for $5 each.


Students Only. All net proceeds will be donated.

Student Beans account required. Conditions apply.*

Malwarebytes Premium

Protects your device without bogging it down

  • Maintain the performance of your Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook devices without sacrificing security. Suspend notifications while you game with Play Mode.
  • Browse the Internet with peace of mind. Leave Malwarebytes Premium running in the background and stop worrying about online threats.

Stops more than 8,000,000 online threats per day

  • Put multiple layers of protection between you and malware. Malwarebytes Premium actively protects your devices from established and emerging threats.
  • Don't worry about constant updates. Our patented malware detection technology means you're protected against brand new infections, even if we've never seen them.

Keeps your work safe from ransomware

  • Stop ransomware infections before they happen. Without protection from ransomware, all your research, notes, and term papers could get held hostage.
  • Protect yourself on unsecured Wi-Fi networks in libraries and coffee shops.

Act now to activate your education discount. Proceeds from your purchase will be donated to causes that benefit students.

Student Beans account required.

To learn what students can do to stay safe online, check out our in-depth blog post:

Not convinced? Get started for free.

Download the free version of Malwarebytes and see if you're infected. Your download also includes a free 14-day trial of Malwarebytes Premium.

*The Malwarebytes Student Discount is only available to students actively enrolled in an educational institution. This offer is only available via Student Beans, which operates in 52 countries. Rate for international customers is calculated as local equivalent of US$5 per device. After four years, your subscription will expire and you will have the option to renew manually at the then-current list price. Discount applies on up to five devices, but discounted coverage must be purchased all at once. Limit one purchase per person per year. Subscriptions cannot be resold. Due to restrictions, Malwarebytes for iOS is not included in this discount and must be purchased in the App Store.

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